Innovation Camp

LOYAC offers an Innovation Camp Program that aims to train university students, particularly those with less marketable majors, on innovative and creative skills to be implemented in their future careers.

The methodology for these camps was developed in partnership with The Danish Jordanian University Cooperation “DJUCO” and is based on the Danish Innovation lab method of creative thinking and problem solving. The entire Innovation Camp was organized into six different stages: Kick-off, The User, Technology, Ideation, Create and Pitch.

Creative thinking, teamwork, presentation skills and problem solving methods are used to work on the following, three themes:


  • How to approach a problem in the corporate world
  • Keys to starting a business
  • How to approach social challenges


HIKMA Pharmaceuticals 2017-2019

LOYAC’s partnership with HIKMA Pharmaceuticals has been instrumental in achieving our goals.  With their three-year corporate sponsorship of the Innovation Camp, LOYAC managed until 2018 to host fifty-eight students in 2017 and forty-five students in 2018 and provide them with a variety of learning and creative techniques to foster their skills and increase their employability.

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Innovation Camp 2015



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