darb is LOYAC’s cornerstone internship project that has evolved over the past decade into a national training and internship program implemented in partnership with the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD). Designed to prepare new generations of engaged, positive, and workforce-ready youth that are better qualified to enter the local and regional job market, darb is a strategic training and work program that aims to: 


Build a positive life ethos and work ethic among youth.

Equip youth with skills that will enable their personal and professional lives.

Bridge the gaps between theoretical studies, applied and life skills, labor supply, and changing job market demands and realities. 


Every year over 3000 Jordanian students, enrolled in university or fresh graduates, apply to join darb. Of these applicants, approximately 1200 students are accepted annually into the internship program. Once accepted the students go through several training workshops designed to prepare them for the internship program. After successfully completing training, darb students are matched with six- to eight-week, paid summer jobs or career-specific internship opportunities at more than 200 private sector, public sector, and non-governmental organizations across the country. 


All applicants accepted into darb are required to participate in training and orientation workshops before they are matched with a summer job or internship opportunity.




-  12,500 students completed training. 

-  8,000 students were placed in internships.  

-  Of the 1,352 graduating students, 834 students were employed.  

-  154,000 Hours of community service provided by students.


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