A major component of LOYAC’s strategy in preparing Jordanian youth for a more progressive, dynamic, and proactive role in the country’s future is its Community Service Program. Through this program, every student enrolled in LOYAC commits to 16 hours of required community service, which aims to foster a sense of civic duty that exposes youth to the personal growth, enormous benefits, rewards, and gratification that comes from “paying it forward” through philanthropic work, volunteerism, and community engagement.

The Community Service Program is structured to encourage each student to examine the needs of his or her community and to initiate a creative, proactive project that revives or nurtures some aspect of their community environment. The opportunity to serve their communities is most often met with incredible energy and creative projects that more deeply tie youth to the world around them. As importantly, community service translates the notion of citizenship into practice by showing how a little community engagement, volunteerism, and philanthropy can go such a long way to creating a better “local” world.


Very Effective in Instructing Youth.

Volunteering and community service have also been very effective in instructing youth on the importance and value of gender equity, collaboration, and teamwork. Finally, enduring friendships and a growing alumna among LOYAC participants and graduates, who may otherwise have not connected, has been a wonderful unexpected outcome that has more deeply rooted LOYAC into Jordan’s social fabric.

Why Partner.

  • Contribution to the development of Jordanian Youth.

  • Build loyalty with your brand.

  • Access to a wide pool of volunteers for support in any event.

  • Logo placement on all project marketing materials.

  • Exposure on LOYAC social media channels for the entire project period mention in a press release in a major national newspaper.

  • Logo placement & recognition at the program graduation ceremony.


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Volunteering Day


Volunteering Day

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