To cope with the increasing demands and changes of the 21st century, today’s young people need to be equipped with skills that go beyond the traditional methods.

Through the innovation camp, youth development and strengthen critical capacities such as leadership, planning, teamwork, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, active citizenship, and communication.

The innovation camp offers access to skills for youth, supporting the acquisition of the skills through learning; and then utilization through practice to create the most impactful change. The private sector involvement and participation are essential in designing and implementing such programs to ensure the relevance of skills offered and positive projects outcomes.


Interactive camp with a focus on user-driven innovation.

Interactive camp with a focus on user-driven innovation while providing youth with practical tools to handle the process, from the initial problem statement to user observation, technology screening, and ideation along with prototype development and how to effectively present the final solution.

The innovation camp will challenge the youth to look for new possibilities and find innovative solutions for problems and needs in their everyday surroundings.

Youth Gather.

Over a duration of 4 days and are guided through a structured and intense ideation camp with the below grid:

  • Get to know their user/customer, and identify their needs.

  • Research the newest technological trends.

  • Develop innovative solutions through the use of systematic ideation.

  • Build a basic business model around their idea.

  • Present their solution for a jury of professional business people and experts.

The Themes.

Participants use creative thinking, teamwork, presentations skills, and problem-solving methods to work on the following themes:

  • How to approach a challenge in the corporate world.

  • How to approach social and environmental challenges.

  • Keys to starting a business.

Why Partner.

  • Contribution to the development of Jordanian Youth.

  • Build loyalty with your brand.

  • Access to a wide pool of volunteers for support in any event.

  • Logo placement on all project marketing materials.

  • Exposure on LOYAC social media channels for the entire project period mention in a press release in a major national newspaper.

  • Logo placement & recognition at the program graduation ceremony.


We believe in engaging and fostering partnerships with the private sector, civil society and the government, and we actively seek to partner with organizations, individuals, and businesses that believe in our mission for a stronger, more engaged youth.

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2015 – 2017

HIKMA Pharamaceuticals

2017 – 2019

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