SIMPLY, WE WORK. And, the more we work, the more our youth get work!

LOYAC improves the employability of youth and increases their personal agency so that they are able to lead independent, productive, and fulfilled professional and personal lives.



The challenge facing Jordan is not just to create jobs, but to create sustainable, skilled, creative jobs that will inspire its youth.

  • Unemployment in Jordan is at least 25%.

  • Skilled, young Jordanians are seeking employment elsewhere, particularly in the Gulf, resulting in a loss of intellectual capital (brain drain) which is having a devastating impact on the country’s social fabric and its economic growth.

  • In the last decade, the public sector has provided 50% of jobs in the country.

  • Female employment is around 14%, although females make up 60% of university graduates.


LOYAC’s matrix of programs provide diverse skills training and internships in the private sector for students and fresh graduates in Jordan so that they get enough practical work experience to become gainfully employed after graduating.

Our programs WORK to ensure youth in Jordan gain access to practical skills training, part-time work, peer support, and mentorship within safe and creative spaces where they can explore career options and individual paths that better meet their unique, personal, and professional needs, ambitions, and aptitudes.

YOU can help youth in Jordan WORK and positively change the course of their lives.


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Our Success

LOYAC provides programs to improve the employability of youth to over 2,500 students or fresh graduates in Jordan every year.
From 2018 to 2024


of LOYAC participants have been employed after graduation.


of LOYAC participants have been placed in internships.


of LOYAC participants have been trained.


hours of volunteer work and community service have been provided by LOYAC participants.

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