LOYAC’s strategy for preparing youth in Jordan to play a more progressive, proactive, and philanthropic role in their communities’ and in the country’s future is embodied by LOYAC’S Community Service program.


Empirical evidence has proven that there is a direct and positive correlation between students who do well in school and those who are involved in community service. Studies also show that volunteering helps youth gain new skills necessary for the job market such as leadership, communication skills, dependability, time management, problem-solving, and decision-making.

LOYAC incorporates COMMUNITY SERVICE as an integral part of every program so that our participants can enjoy the enormous benefits and rewards that come with “paying it forward” to one’s larger community.

The outcome and impact of LOYAC’s COMMUNITY SERVICE program is so well-received that LOYAC and its participants have become valued, well-respected, and very popular members of the social fabric in local communities across Jordan. 

Youth Profile.

1,500+ students, fresh graduates from across Jordan between the ages of 16-30 (annually). 50% Female/Male participants. 

Goal/ Objectives.

The Community Service program translates the notion of citizenship into practice by showing how a little community engagement, volunteerism, and philanthropy can go a long way to creating a better “local” world.

The program cultivates the great benefits and progressive values–or the “happiness effect”–that is engendered by volunteerism and philanthropy among youth enrolled in LOYAC programs. These benefits and values include:

  • Understanding the critical connection between success and progress and gender equity, collaboration, and teamwork.

  • Connecting with and meeting new people, building life-long friendships and support networks, and a large pool of loyal LOYAC alumni volunteers. 

  • Understanding that even the smallest tasks and achievements can make a real difference to the lives of people and communities in need. 

  • Providing the opportunity to practice and develop social skills, while building ties with people who have common interests.

  • Practicing important skills used in the workplace, such as teamwork, communications, problem-solving, project planning, task management, and organization. 

  • Boosting self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction as well as a sense of pride and identity. 

  • Experiencing the joy and happiness that is kindled by helping others.

Community Service

How it Works.

LOYAC’s Community Service Program requires that every student and fresh graduate enrolled in LOYAC’s programs “pay it forward” by committing to at least 18 hours of community service. 

The program is structured to encourage each student to assess the needs of his or her community and to initiate and implement a creative, proactive project, which helps meet these needs and revives some aspect of their local community environment. 

Community Service Program in Numbers

Community Service Hours


LOYAC Volunteers


Projects Implemented


Why Partner with LOYAC Community Service Program.

  • Contribute to creating a sustainable, prosperous future for Jordan’s youth.

  • Provide local communities with the benefits of LOYAC’s philanthropic offerings.  

  • Build loyalty with your brand in local communities across Jordan.

  • Build loyalty with your brand by providing opportunities for Jordan’s youth.

  • Gain access to a wide pool of loyal, proactive, and progressive volunteers.

  • Have your logo and brand appear on all Community Service Program marketing material.

  • Exposure on LOYAC social media channels for the duration of the Community Service project you are supporting.

  • Inclusion in press releases in national newspapers, where possible. 

  • Logo placement and public recognition at annual Community Service graduation ceremonies.


Volunteering Day


Volunteering Day


Volunteering Day

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