Darb is at the heart of LOYAC’s mission. It is LOYAC’s flagship program developed to provide students and fresh graduates with internships that offer the skills training and workplace experience they need to get gainfully employed.


Darb provides a pathway for students or fresh graduates in Jordan to receive practical training and work experience through summer internships in the private and public sectors, which are matched to a student’s field of study.

Youth Profile.

1,200 students, fresh graduates from across Jordan between the ages of 18-24 (annually). 70% Female participants.


Through Darb, LOYAC aims to help program participants: 

  • Bridge the gaps between their theoretical studies and the changing demands and realities of the local and regional job market.

  • Make career choices that will lead to gainful, sustainable employment.

  • Develop skills that will enable positive growth and agency in their personal and professional lives.

  • Enhance their self-confidence and interpersonal skills in order to cope better with challenges as they progress through their careers.

  • Build a more positive life ethos and work ethic.

  • Experience volunteerism and community service as a civic duty and shared responsibility.

Through Darb, LOYAC provides companies and the public sector with interns that help:

  • Reduce recruitment and training costs.

  • Provide lower cost, part-time labor to employers.

  • Have a positive impact on earnings.

Darb Program

How it Works.

Every year, over 4,500 public university students or fresh graduates in Jordan apply to LOYAC’s Darb internship program. Of these applicants, approximately 1,200 are accepted into the program annually. 

Once accepted into the program, Darb participants are matched with 6- to 8-week internships in jobs related to their field of study. Interns receive a weekly stipend of 30JDs (US$42) to cover their transportation costs for the duration of the internship.

Prior to commencing an internship, students receive a two-day Pre-Internship Training that provides practical career guidance and intensive training on:

  • Communication and presentation skills.

  • Work ethics.

  • Problem-solving / Team-building skills.

  • Self-marketing skills.

  • The importance of community and civic duty.

All Darb participants commit to 18 hours of community service through LOYAC’s Community Service program that they must complete before concluding their internship.


Darb is implemented in partnership with the King Abdullah II Fund for Development. Additionally, LOYAC has over 450 private sector, public sector, and non-governmental organizational partners that assist LOYAC in providing internships for Darb participants. This list of partners is updated annually and according to market demands. 

Darb in Numbers

Students Trained


Students Placed in Internships


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Graduating Students


Employment Rate


Why Partner with LOYAC and Darb.

  • Contribute to creating a sustainable, prosperous future for Jordan’s youth.

  • Build loyalty with your brand by providing opportunities for Jordan’s youth.

  • Gain access to a wide pool of loyal volunteers.

  • Have your logo and brand appear on all Darb marketing material.

  • Exposure on LOYAC social media channels for the duration of internships.

  • Inclusion in press releases in national newspapers.

  • Logo placement and public recognition at annual Darb graduation ceremony.

Darb Program


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Volunteering Day


Volunteering Day

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