Tariqi provides an advanced pathway for unemployed university graduates to build on the sector-specific skills required for their employment.


Tariqi is a program created in 2017 by LOYAC to help place unemployed and recently graduated university students into already existing company training programs. Tariqi specifically aims to bridge the skills gap required for at least 50% of participants to be permanently employed at the host company.

Youth Profile.

80 unemployed and recently graduated university students from across Jordan between the ages of 18-27 (annually). 50% Female/Male participants.


  • Build up advanced, sector-specific skill sets that will ultimately lead participants (unemployed and recently graduated university students) into gainful employment.

  • Onboard suitable employers that can provide relevant, sector-specific skills training to all participants and full-time employment to at least 50% of participants.

How it Works.

Tariqi is a 2 to 6 week program (depending on the sector) conducted twice a year. The program recruits 80 unemployed university graduates from a pool of 200 applicants and places them into sector-specific, 4-week training programs at host companies.

The Tariqi training curriculum is designed with a host company to ensure the structure and content of the training provide participants with the qualifications required to meet that specific employer’s needs. Host companies that partner with LOYAC in Tariqi also commit to employing at least 50% of the participants. For participants who are not employed by the host company, Tariqi training is followed by seven months of support through mentorship with LOYAC program staff.

Tariqi in Numbers

Trainings Conducted


Unemployed University Graduates Trained

Unemployed University Graduates Employed


Why Partner with LOYAC and Tariqi.

  • Contribute to creating a sustainable, prosperous future for Jordan’s youth.

  • Build loyalty with your brand by providing job opportunities for Jordan’s youth.

  • Benefit from a pool of qualified, trained candidates to recruit full-time employees at your company.

  • Have your logo and brand appear on all Tariqi marketing materials.

  • Exposure on LOYAC social media channels for the duration of the Tariqi training.

  • Logo placement and public recognition at Tariqi graduation ceremonies.


The Tariqi program is funded by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development and Prince’s Trust International and has included host companies from the local Jordanian ICT and hospitality sectors.

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