Innovation Camp is designed to help youth develop critical thinking and innovative approaches to finding effective solutions to real life problems and challenges.


Innovation Camp is a facilitated environment that utilizes a collective process for framing and reframing challenges and problems, and for creating real solutions to real challenges and problems.

Youth Profile.

25 students and fresh graduates from across Jordan between the ages of 16-30 (annually). 50% Female/Male participants. 


Through Innovation Camp, LOYAC aims to help program participants:

  • Use critical thinking, self-organization, shared ownership, mutual empowerment, and creative collaboration in the process of addressing complex issues.

  • Deconstruct prejudices, misconceptions, and assumptions in problem-solving.

  • Understand how self-organizing processes can inspire new ideas and evolve into agency and creative problem-solving.

How it Works.

Innovation Camp is an annual 4-day, boot camp and facilitated training workshop that works with 25 students, who apply and are accepted into the program based on their interest in learning about innovative processes. 

At the start of an Innovation Camp, participants are presented with a real life environmental, business, or community challenge or problem to which the participants are tasked with:

  1. Critically understanding the real challenge or “the problem-behind-the-problem”.

  2. Reframing the challenge, problem, issues, and context in different ways.

  3. Collectively presenting a solution to the real challenge or “the problem-behind-the- problem”.

Participants are then divided into 5 workgroups to organize their own work processes with camp trainers and facilitators (usually from the business community), following the Six Thinking Hats methodology to:

  • Look at what the challenge actually entails.

  • Explore all possible ways to resolve/address the challenge. 

  • Collectively develop strategies, plans of action, and the process needed to implement solutions to the challenge. 

  • Collectively present the group’s proposed solution to the challenge to peers.


The Innovation Camp program has included sponsoring partners from the local Jordanian private sector such as Hikma Pharmaceuticals, BioLab, and independent entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

Our Sponsors:


2015 – 2017

HIKMA Pharamaceuticals

2017 – 2019
2022 – 2024

Why Partner with LOYAC and Innovation Camp.

  • Contribute to creating a sustainable, prosperous future for Jordan’s youth.

  • Build loyalty with your brand by providing opportunities for Jordan’s youth.

  • Have your logo and brand appear on all Innovation Camp marketing material.

  • Exposure on LOYAC social media channels for the duration of the Innovation Camp.

  • Logo placement and public recognition at the Innovation Camp graduation ceremony.

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